The PSG comes with an intuitive software system with an extremely user friendly graphical user interface. The software is robust in nature and flexible to the user’s needs and can be easily configured for both EEG and PSG Input. The PSG analyzes all kinds of physiological signals such as EEG, EMG, EOG, ECG, SPO2, Respiration, Body Position, Airflow etc. The PSG fulfills a wide range of recording requirements for clinics in the field of Neurophysiology, Psychiatry, Chest Medicine and ENT with an interest in sleep and respiratory disorders.


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Holter Monitoring

The VEGA series of machines sets a new benchmark in preventive healthcare for Holter Monitoring


The Acoustia is a portable and easy to carry two channel clinical audiometer...


Helios Series of Spirometers are available in PC Based and Stand alone Versions capable of diagnosing & measuring..


PeriScope is a PC based Cardiovascular Analysis System that uses simultaneous Non Invasive Blood Pressure measurements