We have complete range of ECG machines which include single channel ECG, 3 channel ECG & 12 channel ECG machine. Our portable ECG machines have some of the unique features having Color TFT, Direct USB A4 Printouts, USB Storage facility at very affordable price. RMS manufactures the High quality & cost effective ecg for price sensitive Indian market. We also manufacture PC Based ECG machines which can be used with laptop for telecamping purposes. Our all portable & PC based ECG machines are compatible with the RMS Tele Medicine Solution, we also do the OEM ECG machine design & development for more detail kindly get in touch by Cliking here.


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DIVA allows real time capturing of video and still images during surgery and one can easily edit and store the recorded footage


The Acoustia is a portable and easy to carry two channel clinical audiometer...

Mobile X-Ray

We manufactures the high quality & cost effective X-Ray machines for price sensitive Indian market


An all new Range of C-Arms is available for applications in Orthopaedics, Urology & Abdominal Surgery