We manufactures the high quality & cost effective ECG for price sensitive Indian market. We are manufacturing EEG (electroencephalograph) machines since 1977, We became a part of a select group of 7 EEG manufacturers in the world, till date and continue the enhancement in EEG with its R&D setup recognized by the Govt. Of India, We produce 24 channel EEG machines, USB powered machines, 32 channel video EEG & long time monitoring solution.


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Biochemistry Analyser

It is a semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer capable of performing Routine Biochemistry..


PeriScope is a PC based Cardiovascular Analysis System that uses simultaneous Non Invasive Blood Pressure measurements

Stress Test System

The VEGA series of TMT machines sets a new benchmark in preventive healthcare

Mobile X-Ray

We manufactures the high quality & cost effective X-Ray machines for price sensitive Indian market