Fixed X-Ray

We, are pleased to Introduce the complete family of Medical Diagnostic X-Ray equipments. The Range includes Mobile & Fixed machines with all capabilities of Radiography, Fluoroscopy & Spot filming. Various combinations of Tube Stands & Tables are available for applications in General Radiography & R+F applications.

The high quality & cost effective X-Ray machines for price sensitive Indian market. The Machines have been designed with many innovative features for User Friendliness. Special emphasis has been laid for Radiation safety & Reliability. The Team behind this Project has more than 30 Years of Experience in the Radiological Equipments & we plan to bring about a revolution in this field by introducing Products with unique features and capabilities.

Both, LINE & HIGH Frequency Machines would be available in our Product Portfolio for various needs & Markets. Machines would Comply to the Regulatory Indian/International Standards for Safety.


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